Lieven Hendrickx zoekt Sales Person

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Lieven Hendrickx zoekt Sales Person
Our company is growing, so we’re looking for talented people with a passion for horses and sales!
We’re looking for someone who knows how to get things done and helps people pick out the products they need in our mobile stores.
🌟 You enjoy being surrounded by people and get satisfaction from helping them.
🌟 You don’t mind working on the weekends, your passions are horses and selling.
🌟 You have a knowledge of Dutch and English (more languages is a plus) .
🌟 You have experience with different equestrian products.
🌟 You know how to work with a computer.
If you are hired, you will be selling at various national and international events and you will become part of young and dynamic team!
Do you think this is something for you?
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